Affirming our value and significance

What are People Saying About the Automation Federation?

"The importance of pairing our students with an engaged and accomplished group of engineering and automation professionals cannot be underestimated. Our students will get the opportunity to work with professionals whose work reflects the typical challenges and creative rigor that is at the heart of our program. I applaud the efforts of the Automation Federation and ISA to tap the resources of our FIRST® students as a means of raising awareness of STEM and helping us to remain competitive in the fields of automation and technology."
-Dean Kamen, FIRST® founder and CEO of DEKA Research & Development

“Automation Career Day was an enlightening event! Seeing the high school students’ interest and desire to learn more about automation was heartwarming. The Career Fair was a nice compliment to ISA Automation Week and we were happy to be a part of such a great program.”
-Deneen Pennington, Executive Director of NCDA

“I have seen the work the Automation Federation has put forth to promote the automation profession in Washington, D.C. and the respect that AF has achieved with Congress and NIST. I am pleased that ASMC is a member of such a respected organization.”
- Carrie Hines, Executive Director of ASMC

“NACFAM is an action/think tank that brokers intense collaboration to accelerate manufacturing innovation. We see great value in what the Automation Federation has built in such a short time to promote automation. As a member of the Automation Federation, NACFAM can support these efforts which in turn will support the goals of our organization. We look forward to a strong collaborative membership.”
- Rusty Patterson, CEO of NACFAM

“CABA is absolutely gratified to be entering into an agreement with the Automation Federation. We believe that this agreement will lay the foundations for a strong alliance within the wider automation industry and represent a significant milestone toward enhancing industry productivity, progress and profitability.”
-Ronald J. Zimmer, President and CEO of CABA

“The Automation Federation (AF) is bringing together the many organizations with a stake in automation for enhanced collaboration for the advancement of the automation profession. AF serves as a gathering place for all the expertise, knowledge, and all things automation for everyone: government, industry, academia, you, me, etc. Through our membership in AF, ISA plays a major role in the advancement of automation for the benefit of all people. We are proud to be a part of—and even prouder to have founded—the Automation Federation. I encourage everyone in the world of automation to take part in AF’s work to advance the profession and to gain the recognition we deserve.”
– Gerald W. Cockrell, CAP, 2009 International Society of Automation (ISA) President

“OMAC is a relatively small organization that has benefited greatly from our membership in the Automation Federation through partnerships and opportunities to work with larger organizations with similar goals and objectives. AF keeps OMAC up-to-date on the latest topics and issues relevant to our members. Workforce development and SmartGrid are two such issues that have become very important within OMAC. I can only look forward to the new growth to our membership because of AF’s efforts.”
– Sid Venkatesh, Chair of Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC)

“Automation is the key to growth of manufacturing and we need unbiased organizations like the Automation Federation to generate the Standards and Competency Models that we will need to propel us forward.”
- U.S. Senator Richard Burr (NC)