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The Industrial Extension Service of NC State University provides education and technical assistance to business and industries across the state of North Carolina. IES works one-on- one with small and medium sized manufacturers to help them stay competitive and in the process save jobs and increase profits. The IES staff help those companies with improvements, the use of modern practices, and new technology.

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The Propulsion Instrumentation Working Group (PIWG) was formed in 1995 to address critical turbine engine test cell instrumentation, sensors and measurement technology to keep pace with the needs of turbine engine development. In 2005 PIWG was expanded to include domestic power generation gas turbine engine companies. PIWG encourages commercial sources to develop advanced instrumentation required for test cell instrumentation needed by the gas turbine engine industry and works cooperatively with other working groups in the United States and its parallel European organization, the European Virtual Institute for Gas Turbine Instrumentation (EVI-GTI). For additional information on PIWG collaborations, click the link to the left.

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