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The time has come to address our nation’s aging power grid infrastructure with the introduction of SmartGrid. SmartGrid will provide the technologies, tools, and techniques to make our current power grid infrastructure work in a more efficient manner and be able to handle our nation’s energy demands for the 21 ST Century. Introducing SmartGrid to the electric power grid infrastructure will:

  • Ensure the reliability of the grid to levels never thought possible
  • Maintain the affordability for energy consumers
  • Reestablish our global competitiveness
  • Accommodate renewable and traditional energy resources
  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Allow for the advancements and efficiencies yet to be envisioned

The Automation Federation has the ability to channel the knowledge, expertise, and credibility necessary to address the complexity of developing and maintaining SmartGrid. The Automation Federation encompasses experts in the fields of industrial automation and control systems cyber security, industrial wireless sensors, and systems interoperability who can provide the expertise necessary for helping ensure the protection and efficient operation of the electric grid. The Federation is also actively engaged in workforce development efforts to effectively train the current workforce and prepare the next generation of automation professionals for the types of jobs required for effective implementation of SmartGrid.

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