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Automation Federation Workforce Development

The Automation Profession consists of engineers, technologists, technicians, and others with acquired knowledge which spans several engineering disciplines and years of field experience in order to efficiently produce high quality manufactured goods and services. In the U.S., current estimates show that thousands of new automation professionals are needed annually at a time when the workforce is bracing for the baby-boom bust. According to U.S. industry leaders, engineers and technicians knowledgeable in automation are critical for keeping U.S. manufacturing competitive in a global market. The same has been said for many other countries worldwide.  

We have stepped forward as the “Voice of Automation” and are positioning AF to be the catalyst for the development of the next generation of automation professionals. Our intention is to create a “cradle to grave” approach by preparing current and future workers for automation careers at all skill levels and all career stages.

The core components of this approach are:

  • K-12 Education
  • Diversity Recruitment
  • University Relations
  • Establishment of Automation Curriculum
  • Technical Training & Education
  • Certification
  • Government Relations
  • Industry Relations

Within each component, a plan will be developed to answer current problems and obstacles through research, marketing, partnerships—corporate, academic, and governmental—and increased public awareness, among others.

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