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The Automation Federation Congressional Fly In

May 20 – 23, 2008
Washington, DC

Automation Federation leaders visit Washington, DC, in 2008.

The Automation Federation and its member organizations are planning a congressional fly in on May 20-23, in Washington, DC. The organization constituents, made up of experts from various industries and leaders from around the country, will meet with dozens of lawmakers to bring visibility to the automation profession’s challenges and opportunities.

The Automation Federation constituency will be made up five teams of five individuals, and we will be meeting with Members of Congress during the week about important issues facing our industries. The teams will focus on workforce development and the impending crisis in automation; the need for the creation of a two-year and four-year automation engineering curriculum; and the necessity of an informed cyber security policy in defense of our nation’s industrial infrastructure.

The Automation Federation in its goal of being the “Voice of Automation” in Congress has committed to keep the Members of Congress fully informed of the automation issues that will impact the future of manufacturing in our country and the vital role that the next generation of automation professionals will play.

Michael Marlowe
Director of Government Relations
(919) 314-3937

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