Automation Avengers

The Automation Avenger characters represent real people who have a passion for their work in automation. Read each characterís description below to learn about his or her cool job and see how they make a huge difference in our world.


Real Name: Troy Leverton

Powers: Adaptability, speed reading, lightning thoughts, rapid comprehension, diagnostic magic, instant analysis

Day Job: Instrumentation and Controls Engineer, RF MacDonald

Coolness Factors: Deep down in the basements of manufacturing plants around the world, an ever-changing, volatile flame thrower lives Ė itís called a boiler. The boiler system drives the power for all kinds of places, like hospitals, power plants, and manufacturing factories. If a boiler is broken, it could explode and hurt people in the building. Luckily, Flame is on the case. If a boiler is broken, he flies to the rescue and uses his superpowers to rapidly decode and diagnose the problem so that it can be fixed. Thanks, Flame, for keeping our buildings safe!

Blue Sky Guy

Real Name: Tim Kuiken

Powers: Toxic gas radar vision, eyes that can perform a gas spectrum analysis, can turn himself into an environmental inspector, can leap tall exhaust stacks in a single bound, can comprehend millions of details instantly

Day Job: Project Engineer, Cemtek Environmental

Coolness Factors: BlueSkyGuy designs systems that automatically sample, measure, record, and report dangerous damage to our environment. Even extremely harmful toxic gas leaks from power plants donít stand a chance when BlueSkyGuy is around. He leaps tall exhaust stacks in a single bound, landing on a monitoring platform where he makes sure the air is safe and clean for us.

Professor Solution

Real Name: Michael Nikolaou

Powers: He can change into dozens of different experts, can control objects from a distance, can create magic, and can teach kids everything he knows.

Day Job: Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Houston

Coolness Factors: Professor Solution always works with a sidekick, and he can find sidekicks wherever he goes. He can change into hundreds of different experts at a momentís notice, create automation magic with his mind, and even transport intelligence into machines. Best of all, he can teach kids everything he knows so that his powers can be spread all over the world.


Real Name: Susana Torres

Powers: Unlimited inspirational powers, can move people and objects with her mind, can give people instructions and help from far away, lightning speed thinking

Day Job: Managing Director of Chile Operations, Endress + Hauser Chile Ltd.

Coolness Factors: Automata is the fearless leader of dozens of automation professionals. She is the first woman in her entire company to lead such a large group of people. She makes sure that all of the goals and challenges of the company are achieved, and she uses her powers to help all of the people on her team become better at their jobs.

Coaster Cop

Real Name: Steven Pflantz

Powers: widespread vision to see multiple amusement park rides at the same time and integrate them together, supersonic security controls, x-ray vision to make sure riders stay in their cars and on the track of the ride, ESP to know when to sound alarms and turn off rides

Day Job: Consulting Engineer, CRB Consulting Engineers

Coolness Factors: Coaster Cop has worked on many major amusement park rides, making sure that all of the components of the rides work together and keeping the rides fun and safe for all the visitors to the parks. Coaster Cop installs and monitors sensors in the path of the rides to set up the lighting, sounds, and special effects that you see while youíre on the ride. He makes the rides come to life, and he makes sure that they stay safe and reliable.

Captain Control

Real Name: Patrick Damico

Powers: X-ray vision to see through pipes and vessels, super strength for lifting huge equipment, a computer for a brain so he can process data and calculations, long distance vision so he can see plant conditions from miles away

Day Job: Control Systems Technician, Eastman Kodak Company

Coolness Factors: Captain Control is the technical wizard for the chemical department of Kodakís film manufacturing process. He designs software, works with people on production lines, and quickly fixes equipment when it breaks down.