Focus Areas
Aiming for a safer world and stronger global economy

Voice of Automation

The Automation Federation—an association of non-profit member organizations—is dedicated to fostering economic growth and manufacturing innovation by helping industry harness the immense capabilities and potential of automation technologies and applications. Its initiatives and expertise are focused along three core areas.

Industrial Cybersecurity

As the global authority on the value and significance of automation, the Automation Federation is at the vanguard of efforts to protect industrial automation and control systems (IACS)—the operational underpinnings of industrial facilities and critical infrastructure—from potentially disastrous cyberattack.

Workforce Development

Central to the mission of the Automation Federation and its member organizations is advancing the science and engineering of automation technologies and applications—moving the automation profession forward. Achieving this goal requires more young people in STEM-centric training and degree programs, and a greater influx of new minds and talents entering STEM career fields.

Member Advocacy

By broadening awareness of the value and significance of automation; supporting the ongoing development of automation technologies and applications; and cultivating a workforce needed to capitalize on the benefits of automation, the Automation Federation enables its members to more effectively fulfill their missions.